Our goal, strategy and core values

Support our client’s decisions by the development of our team and our services.
Always being on the cutting edge of industry knowledge, service offerings and working methods are what our clients say provides them value and keeps them coming back. Remaining on the edge demands a flexible way of thinking. Therefore, we continually develop ourselves and constantly test new approaches with the purpose of improving our skills and competence. Our entire organization is built to discover and explore new possibilities while defining and solving your problems. We attempt to approach each assignment with the humility and listening necessary to hear exactly what kind of support you need. Then we present and implement the best possible solution for your specific innovation process.

A successful client is a satisfied client who tasks us with more assignments as well as warmly and spontaneously recommending our services to others. This is the attitude and intention you can count on when you choose to do business with us.

Our Strategy: Through dialogue we create more value
In any meeting between with two people there is always something new created. In a creative dialogue there is a inspiring exchange of ideas with listening and respect for each others’ opinions as well as a receptivity for hearing different ways of thinking. This process inevitably creates new questions that lead to further development. This collaborative thought process is equally important between our colleagues within Uppdragshuset as it is with our valued contact with you.

The bottom line is that we understand that you need to feel confident that we use our competence and resources effectively to successfully deliver what we have promised.

Our core values:
Each Uppdragshuset employee is anchored in the following core values:
Curiosity, Interaction and Creation. These key tenants have a fundamental meaning for our daily workflow and saturate our entire business culture from all internal procedures to our relationship with you.

Curiosity  for us means an open eye and a listening ear.
This drives and encourages us to constantly test and retest our way of working. We constantly seek to be inspired by our surroundings without any prestige and pomp.

Interaction is a prerequisite to reach the most effective and best result.
We are convinced that flowing dialogue and strong cooperation within a group always supports and encourages collaborative success. It also contributes to greater flexibility and engagement with clearly defined work processes and increased quality control.

Creative   defines the foundation for our company’s development and our success.
It is realized through the active participation of all Uppdragshuset colleagues and our constant development. It demands the ambition to sense future needs and proactively fine-tune our work methods accordingly. This is why we constantly invest 20% of our time and energy to develop and upgrade ourselves, our methods and our tools.