Linda Andersson

IT Developer/Computational Linguist +46 8 5010 2600

Linda Andersson was awarded Degree of Master of Arts with Major in General Linguistic with Specialization in Computation Linguistics on 13 May 2009 (Stockholm University). The title of her Master Thesis was A Vector Space analysis of Swedish patent claims, does decompounding help?  Since 2009 Linda have focus on developing patent text mining techniques within her PhD dissertation “The Essence of Patent text mining”at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria). The contribution of her PhD is to give a holistic view of the patent domain in order to show the diversity that the text mining research community need to be able to handle in order to develop useful patent text mining tools for a multilingual text domain. At Uppdragshuset, Linda is patent text mining expert helping Uppdragshuset developing new patent information retrieval solutions using state-of-the art technology within this research area.