General information about our services

Customised information is required throughout the innovation process to support decisions and to set priorities. It is important to create as concise a support base as possible, in order to ensure that further development of a project is efficient.

Uppdragshuset meets your needs, no matter where you are in the innovation process. Whether you are on the threshold of a project, in a development phase to prepare for launch, or countering a claim from a competitor regarding patent protection – come talk with us.

Typical issues that can form the basis for our commissions are:

  • Searching a specific area of technology to support a strong project start.
  • Analysing and mapping trends in a specific technical area
  • Defining known technologies around an idea and researching possibilities to patent it
  • Investigating the validity of a patent
  • Assessing the infringement risk of a product in relation to existing patents
  • Monitoring an area of technology, competitors, markets, etc., and the legal status of applications and patents
  • Distinguishing between various tools within intellectual property rights and how this affects activities.